How to Survive Menopause Without Losing Your Mind



This is the book that has never been written! How To Survive Menopause Without Losing Your Mind is a guide every woman needs. Kathryn Colas is a well-known and respected media commentator and menopause expert. She tells all about her ten years of hell, near suicide and how she overcame her difficulties, so you can circumvent complications and misdiagnoses commonly experienced by women.
Do you suspect you are going through menopause? Are you experiencing unusual and unexplainable mood swings and symptoms that affect your entire life? Do you recognise these symptoms in someone you know and love? Kathryn answers your essential questions and more…

  • What do you do when your personal relationship is breaking down?
  • What do you do when symptoms affect your work performance?
  • Does your doctor sympathise and know how to help you?

This ‘must-read’ book is for all women, have it at your fingertips to help you understand your symptoms and emotions; give you the tools to thrive and receive the support you deserve.Kathryn says, “Menopause is not just ‘women’s business’. We must encourage men to get involved”. Everything you’ve ever needed to know about menopause and how to shake it into shape!