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Pink Parties Press


Pink Parties Trust – giving funds to causes


Raison D’être – our reason for being.

Pink Parties Trust (PPT) is our Adey family charity. We have been raising money since December 2009, from tithing from our work, sponsor events and partnering with other charities and sharing proceeds.

We are raising funds to support men or women who are suffering from a health condition (physical or psychological) and finding it hard to cope in some of area of their lives. These funds are for individuals who cannot access services from any other avenue.

We plan to give out small grants up to £500 from Summer 2022. Applications will be open to individuals or someone on their behalf to apply (however, it needs to go directly to that person and not to a charity in their name).

The reasons for giving out the grants are dependent on the individual’s application but just to give an idea of what these grants could be used for, here are some ideas.

  • Purchase equipment.
  • Accessing the community.
  • Assisting in payment of small debts which have occurred due to circumstances outside the person’s control due to their illness or injury.
  • Paying towards treatments; including physiotherapy or alternative therapies.
  • Assisting in transport costs for an individual or for the carer needing a respite break.
  • Hiring of a hall for a group activity which benefits health and wellbeing.
  • Creative ways to assist someone’s recovery.

Registered with the Charities Commission for England and Wales. Charity No: 1133171



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