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“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news.  The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be!” Anne Frank

Listen and watch the podcasts and videos – themed around books, books and more books – for all authors and lovers of books. Click on the Icon to take you directly to the information.

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Interview on World Trans Radio by James Maidment-Fullard


Reading by Ted Banks

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Alli Magazine:  Why Indie Authors Need to be Bold with Social Media by Ladey Adey


Medium Article – Childhood stories, As a child what stories did you love and what read to you?





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Lisa Davies from Get a Life, interviews Ladey about her career journey and how she became an author and penned her first book.

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Elizabeth Copeland from Georgia Christian Business Network, interviews Ladey about being a publisher, author and networker.

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Nigel Campbell from Love Sales, Hate Selling, interviews Ladey about how ambitious business people can write their book.

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Kathryn Colas from SimplyHormones interviews Ladey about the world of independent publishing and how they worked together to produce Kathryn’s book, How To Survive Menopause Without Losing Your Mind.

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Podcast Appearance

Interview with Kevin Appleby and Graham Arrowsmith

Interview with Rosemary O’Shaughnessy – Digital Content


Interview on Queen Bee Talks with Kathryn Grace


Radio appearance on Radio Newark interview with June Rowlands on her programme Girls Around Town


Radio appearance on Erewash Sound Radio interview with David O’Connell


Great Book Reviews:

Successful Business Networking Online

Frost Magazine


UK business blog


Fanele Moyo Director at Business Digest Magazine


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Anita Jaynes, the Business Exchange (Bath & Somerset)


Little Unicorn Discovers the Dinosaurs

Melanie of Fab Finds



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