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Perfect Pitch Mastermind Course

Do you have to deliver a One-Minute Speech? If this is you, then this course is for you.

The Perfect Pitch Mastermind Course will TRANSFORM you into a competent, knowledgable and interesting networker representing your business, bringing a professional presence whenever you deliver your one-minute speech.

The Perfect Pitch Mastermind Course is led by Networker and Author, Ladey Adey, an expert in networking online and in-person. The course has an interactive style to make the learning fun and to give you the tools, advice and challenges to improve your one-minute speech.

The Perfect Pitch Mastermind Course is for business people and professionals who attend networking event and want to stand out with their one-minute speech.

Limited places: 15 people on a course.

The Course

  • Four Modules over 4 weeks. (CPD Accredited) Mindset and Knowledge Theory including developing your one-minute speech content, delivery including how to deal with Zoom Fatigue!

We use over 15 ways to deliver your one- minute speech (Value £1,200 / $1,644).

  • Tools & Training to Measure your Networking Activity Effectively (Value £500/$685).
  • Direct Feedback to Increase Confidence delivering Your One Minute Speech from Ladey and your peers. (Value Priceless both in £ & $)
  • £200 ($274) worth of Bonuses.

VALUE: Over £2,000/$2748  but a special price for you.

WHEN: Wednesdays throughout August (4th, 11th, 18th and 25th) TIME: 7 pm – 9 pm (BST) SESSIONS: 4 weeks WHERE: Your Place HOW: Via Zoom

If oversubscribed you will be offered alternative dates.

WHY You need this course

  • Are you TIRED of wondering if you come across well during your one-minute speech?
  • Are you FED-UP with dreading giving the one-minute Elevator Pitch?
  • Are you in a HURRY TO LEARN the best way you can delivery your one-minute speech?

The Course every person who networks needs.

Click here or on the Picture to APPLY – Closing date is JULY 31st at 11 pm.

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