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Changing Lives, One Book at a Time

Day in the life of a publisher

Our Story

Ladey Adey and Abbirose Adey are a mother and daughter team, they see themselves as Authors first and Publishers second and want to see people realise their author dreams. They have written over ten books, individually and together (Little Unicorn series) with many more planned or in production.

Ladey Adey Publications was established in 2016 when they realised that others wanted to write and publish their books but were overwhelmed by the process. They had the T-shirt and decided to share their knowledge through an Author Mentoring Programme. We know writing a book changes lives: the authors and their readers and it’s wonderful to be part of this process.

10% of our profits are tithed to our family charity Pink Parties Trust.

About Ladey

Publisher, Author and Motivational Speaker (and most importantly a Christian and grand-mum). A lover of books from childhood when books were her friends! Ladey has been a typesetter for a printing company and editor of their in-house magazine. Her career moved into the Charity sector where she held CEO and Chair positions. Alongside this, she ran her own business in education, secretarial and networking before writing her first book, Unfrozen in 2014 and rediscovering her love for words, books and authors. Now, she heads up the Non-Fiction book department and would be your mentor for your book.

Ladey Adey headshot
Abbirose Adey headshot

About Abbirose

Publisher, Author and Primary School Teacher (she is unable to go into a bookshop without buying a children’s book). Abbirose heads up our Children’s book department and would be your Mentor through your children book journey. She brings a depth of knowledge from her primary education experience to aid children’s authors (including how to link the story to the curriculum, if appropriate). She has creative skills in illustrations so makes sure the pictures in the children’s books are print-ready and she designs the covers for all our authors’ books.

Ladey and Abbirose say

“We enjoy working together and lock-down 1.0-3.0 has given us the opportunity to work (and bubble together) even more closely!  When we write together (Little Unicorn Series) we end up not just finishing each other’s sentences but realising that we are thinking the same thing at the same time – extraordinary!!!  We have a great time working together, we complement one another with our skills, share a love for books, believe in high working ethics to do the best for our authors, are continually learning about the book process (including the dreaded marketing) and when writing, editing or publishing together we laugh together a lot!”

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