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Hold Your Book in Your Hands – One Year from Now

Is there a book inside You?

Have you ever said, “One day I will write a book” or considered the following:

  • Do you want your book to increase traffic to your business and be your ultimate business card?
  • Do you want your book to be in bookshops and on Amazon?
  • Do you have a children’s story to share and want to be a children’s author?
  • Is your current book or story sitting in the back of your computer or in journals at the back of a cupboard?
  • Has your book been on your bucket list for years?
  • “You should write a book!” How many times has someone said this to you?

Perhaps it’s time to answer these questions and make your book happen!

Now, it’s your turn.

You can use our experience to support you all the way. It is time for YOU to become a published author and make your book dream come true. It takes only one call – Let’s have a conversation.

Start Writing Your Book

Help is on its way

Turn your Book dreams into reality.
Download your Free eBook: START Writing Your book today.
Let’s have a chat today about your book or your book idea.

How to apply to Ladey Adey Publications

We are delighted to announce that applications are being taken at the moment for new authors in the Genre’s of Non-Fiction Books (including Business, Faith, Memoir, Poetry etc) and Children’s Books.

There is a selection process as we only take on a limited number of people (20 maximum) in a rolling programme to enable us to be with you throughout your book journey.

You will retain 100% copyright, 100% control and 100% royalties of your book.

Further details can be found on The Author Mentoring Programme page.

Perhaps, a year from now, you could be opening a box filled with books with your name and title on them! Imagine.

Contact Ladey or Abbirose TODAY.

100% Copyright – 100% Control – 100% Royalty is YOURS


  • Writing is a lonely business, talking things through with Ladey, helped me focus on what I really wanted to say. Whilst she made helpful suggestions, I was in control all the way through. And then what a delight to meet her in person, when she came to speak at the launch of my book.

    Margaret Wiltshire Author - Finding Treasure
  • I worked with Ladey on a Spanish translation of my book. I was impressed with her organization! Her work style and cheerful, positive attitude made this project go much better than if I had tried to do it on my own.

    Jeff Glass Author - Faith Conversations
  • It’s a real pleasure to work with Ladey and Abbirose. I don’t know how I would have managed getting to the end point on my own.

    Kathryn Colas
  • Ladey Adey has provided insightful feedback for me on two of my nonfiction books. She’s clearly passionate about her work and has a keen eye for what readers want and expect.

    Boni Wagner-Stafford Author - One Million Readers: The Definitive Guide to a Nonfiction Book Marketing Strategy...
  • Ladey loves to help and serve other Authors and Writers at each stage of their development. As a beta reader her suggestions helped me to make significant changes to the book to clarify what I was writing about and to correct spelling and grammar errors I had missed.

    Drew Becker Author - The Joyful Brand
  • Ladey is both easy to work with and a real professional. I would use her again without hesitation and endorse her enthusiastically!

    Victoria Noe Author - Fag Hags, Divas and Moms
  • Colouring 101 is full of fun facts and fascinating insights, it will bring a rainbow to your world.

    David O'Connell Song-writer, teacher and broadcaster
  • A book is the ultimate ticket for credibility.

    Robert Middleton Action Plan Marketing
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