10 Minutes a day with Coach Cath – Business Social Media



Businesses in the digital age all use social media to promote themselves. Recent times have seen an even bigger pivot towards online shopping and many small businesses, sole traders and side hustlers are missing out as their owners feel too busy, too swamped or unsure of how to best use social media to market their business. This book makes it simple, easy and stress free to use social media – raising your business profile in just 10 minutes a day. There are many different social media gurus sharing the ‘best way’ to market online and they all have their different methods, techniques and solutions. Mine is simple, get out there, be visible, tell people about what you do. Using the ‘know, like, trust, buy’ technique, this book takes you through simple stages such as:

  • Which platform or ‘social’ should you be using
  • What to post to get the best return on your time
  • Simple marketing on social media basics
  • Building a ‘social media habit’
  • Different types of post & when to use them PLUS a monthly planner with key dates and ideas on what you could be posting about every day of the year.

Nothing complicated, just straight forward easy content – in 10 minutes a day that gets your business noticed!