If there’s a book that you want to read,
but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.
Toni Morrison

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The process of publishing a book takes the Author on quite a journey and some of this is shared below.


How to melt your heart form Life’s disappointment, disillusionment and discouragement by opening the door and stepping into God’s warming light.


This was my first book and written from a place of angst but inspired by Disney’s film Frozen – it weaves case studies and personal memoirs as I look at subjects that affect our attitude to life.  Covering Fear of the Past, Hope, Plans, Betrayal, Healing Protection, Fear, Love, Sacrifice, Searching, Creation and Reunion.

There were times that I felt that Holy Spirit was sitting on my shoulder telling me what to write, and waking me up early in the morning so I would do the writing!

The book looks to reverse the effects of being Frozen because of Life’s disappointment, disillusionment or discouragement.

This book in so many ways is autobiographical.  It is however full of breathed, learned and revealed wisdom, truth and compassion.  It faces ‘the journey’ that moves us to a place called ‘forward’.  Not by ignoring, disregarding or by living in denial to the key issues.  But by being real, open, vulnerable and intentionally detrained to be transformed by unconditional Love.  It’s not written out of some form of post-modern optimistic psychology but it’s a bout ‘the truth that sets you free’.  Unfrozen indeed.
—Rev Canon Chris Bowater, Order of St. Leonard, Pastor, Teacher, Author, Songwriter, Founder of Worship Academy International.

Video 1

Angela tells how Unfrozen has changed her life

Video 2

Endorsement Read by Rev Canon Chris Bowater

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Kary Oberbrunner gives a shout out for Ladey with Three reasons I rejoice when rejected.

Reading (Audio)

Unfrozen Readings – Ted Banks

Interview (Audio)

Listen below to the interview on

World Trans Radio

by James Maidment-Fullard

Unfrozen – How to melt your heart against Life’s Disappointments


Colours of Unfrozen (UK)

Do you like Colouring Books?  This is a Christian version with Reflections next to the colouring page.  Using the same Chapters as Unfrozen, there are over 140 intricate drawings to caller and 70 devotionals.  As a Bonus there is a hidden psalm in each picture to find.  Mediate and pray as you colour – and draw nearer to God.

Colours of Unfrozen captures the restorative power of God to heal believers of all ages who have been hurt along life’s journey.
Sue Detweiler.  Author, Radio Host and Pastor.

Colors of Unfrozen (USA)

This is the same Coloring book as above except the text is the American spelling – so color instead of colour and just a couple of images changed to reflect America rather than Great Britain.  As this book was launched in the USA at the AAE Conference we felt it was important to have two copies to choose from.   It was the first collaboration between Ladey and Abbirose.  

We enjoyed the experience of working together so much, we went on to write a book about Colouring and then the Little Unicorn Series.
-Ladey Adey and Abbirose Adey

Colouring 101

The Ultimate Guide for the Colouring Addict!

This was a fun book to research and write – it is a book of 101 lists all about colours and colouring.  To give hours of entertainment, advise and enlightenment for adults who colour as relaxation.

  • History of Colouring
  • Best places to Colour
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Colour Terminology
  • Music, Films and Books which feature colour
  • Jokes and Puns

Great book for the person who loves colouring and you don’t know which colouring book to get them.   Also for Quizzers and those who love lists!


Full of fun facts and fascinating insights, it will bring a rainbow to your world. —David O’Connell

Little Unicorn – What’s Your Name?

This is our first in the series of Little Unicorn Stories.  Best to be read to 2-5 year olds who are learning their colours and days of the week.   Older children 5-7 year olds will also love this book for independent reading.

Little Unicorn does not know his name.   Join Little Unicorn in his quest to find his name whilst learning the days of the week and seven new colours.

A series for unicorn lovers – young and old.

Little Unicorn and the Nativity

We adore Christmas so to write a Little Unicorn story about the Nativity – the greatest story ever told was wonderful.

A mysterious star appears in the dark night sky and the Little Unicorn wants to know why?

With the help of his friends; a sheep, a camel and a donkey, they follow the star and arrive at a humble stable discovering a miraculous birth.

Independent reading age 6-9 years.  Younger children will love listening to the story and the beautiful illustrations by Abbirose.

For those who collect Christmas stories – this is a must!


Finding Treasure

Stitches on the Way

Finding Treasure is equated with becoming rich and famous, a prevalent ambition in our culture.  This view is contrary to the way God views ‘treasure’.  His ways are hight and altogether better than ours.  This book is about how God has lead Margaret each step of the way  using her stitched pictures.

A colourful book with plates throughout of the stitched pictures which Margaret has made and her story of God working in her life.

To me, this is a beautiful work.  It is both a personal testimony and a unique and effective way of encouraging others in their walk with God.
—Dr Clifford Denton, Founder Tishrei Bible School and Chairman of Prophecy Today.

My National Service – the Making of a Man

As I worked with Brian on this book he told me that he could remember his time of National Service like it was yesterday, but ask him to tell what he did earlier in the week and it would be more difficult!

Brian shares his memoirs of being a young man who joined the British Army as an Infantry Soldier and served two years in the conscripted National Service.  It is a personal story, giving detailed descriptions of everyday Army life, including a spell of ‘Jankers’ and journeying over 28,000 miles to far off places including the Far East.  It will likely bring back many fond memories for National Servicemen from the 1950s.

During his time in the second Battalion, Essex Regiment, Brian experienced life on troopships, H.M Diwara and H.M Empire Fowey.

This book contains over 40 original photographs and is a ‘must read’ for those fascinated by recent military and social history.


Brian paints a vivid picture of the arduous voyage on an ageing troopship from Southampton, through the Mediterranean and Suez Canal before reaching his destination of Hong Kong where he would remain for 14 months.  —Major (Retired) Reverend Neil Knox


Launch Day 6-12-19

Sue Glover Ian Ellis Terry Stares and Ladey Adey

A happy launch day at Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice, Maidenhead
with authors Sue Glover and Terry Stares.
Illustrator Ian Ellis is centre of these wonderful people.
Ladey standing at the back, a proud publisher of the Little Book of Happy Angels.

My Little Book of Happy Angels

You may be familiar with the name Sue Glover as she was a singer in the group Brotherhood of Man and singer on Frank Zappa’s ‘Apostrophe’.  Now Sue along with her friend Terry Stares has written this lovely little book about Happy Angels.

It is a charming story book for bedtime or anytime.  It has 12 different little angels each with their own personality and skill.  Alice loves to run and play with animals, Becci likes to bake and Georgia to dance.  Follow their adventures as sometimes they get into lots of trouble!

Beautiful illustrations and children all over the world will enjoy getting to know the Happy Angels and sharing their stories.  Contributions from the royalties will go to the Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice.

Turn Up Your Sparkle!

Ten Top techniques: to boost your self-esteem, feel spectacular and make a stir!

  • Are you feeling low?
  • Do you feel like your voice is not being heard in the crowd?
  • Do you lack self esteem?

Many people lack self-esteem and as a consequence are not showing their best self to the world. Is this you?
Perhaps, it is time to ‘Turn up your Sparkle!’

Abbirose gives ten super quick tips to boost how you are feeling and improve your self esteem.  You will soon notice a difference and so will others!


Fag Hags, Divas and Moms: The Legacy of Straight Women in the AIDS Community

Victoria Noe

Victoria gives us the first book to share the stories of women around the world, throughout the HIVAIDS epidemic. For almost forty years, straight women have been affected by HIV/AIDS. They have fought for the right to be included in clinical trials and qualify for disability benefits. They have raised money and awareness. But until now, their stories have been ignored or forgotten, even in accounts of women’s history.

Victoria draws on personal interviews and archival research.  Some of the names are familiar; such as Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana, most are not. But all have left a lasting impact on the fight against a virus that has killed over 40 million people around the world, half of them women.

I had the pleasure of working with Ladey on the interior design of my book.  It was a book with over two dozen photographs, but most challenging, one with an extensive index that she created. Ladey is both easy to work with and a real professional. I would use her again without hesitation and endorse her enthusiastically!

START Writing Your Book Today – Kindle

  • What stops you being an Author?
  • How do I get passed Writers Block?
  • Why is an ISBN Essential to my Book?

START Writing Your Book Today answers these questions and more.
As an independent author and publisher, Ladey ensures that the PPP Author’s Mentoring Programme is unique and personal to you.

She walks you through each and every stage until you publish your book.

START is the beginnings of Your Author journey and Ladey would love to hear about the book inside YOU.


God’s Gifts – Kindle

This little book introduces the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit and where to find them in the Bible.

  • Have you always wondered what are the Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit?
  • Do you need a quick reference of where to find them in the Bible?

This short book gives the answers. Included are four most popular Bible versions of Gifts and Fruits.

Entitled God’s Gifts – An Introduction – it is a good starting point for personal study or for sharing with others.

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