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I just love books, from the time I can remember they have always been my friends.  Now by publishing books and talking to authors or people who want to be authors the whole world of books is even more interesting.

The two questions I am asked the most are:

  1. How do I start to write a book, and then conversely once writing has begun,
  2. How do I know when it is finished?

First of all, why a book? Why write a book in the first place? What is it that makes you think “I want to write a book?”

Now there might be a whole host of reasons and I’m going to give you a few and it might be the some overlap each other I’m really interested to know which is the ones that applies to you.

So that is something I will ask you at the end to get some comment on What is it that makes you think “I want to write a book”?

Is your reason in the Top 10?

Your Top 10 Reasons for Writing Your Book.

  1. Your Forever or ‘One Day’ Dream – perhaps from childhood you have had an ambition to write a book, you’ve enjoyed books from the moment you could first read, and you think to yourself, “I can do this” and, “One day I will write a book.”  It could be that you can visualize the book cover and the book spine with your name on it (and I can tell you there’s no bigger thrill than that actually happening).
  2. Your Fame and Fortune – nothing wrong with this ambition, do you want the acclaim and money, like JK Rowling?  By writing a book, it take you to another level of raising your profile and can attract interest and recognition and in turn the more people who buy your book, the more royalties you receive and hence more money.
  3. Your Passion – you are passionate about your business, profession or hobby – you have noticed that people ask for your advice and you love to give it, so it could be a way of proving that you are an expert. When tell people that you’ve written a book on … then they take more notice of you and what it is you are saying.  It gives you a higher level of credibility. For me I want to write a book on mosaics I haven’t done that one yet but I am in the process of writing a book about writing a book! In the past I have written a book about my faith journey and in that gave lots of nuggets about hearing from God. Your passion what is it you’re an expert in or want to be seen as an expert in – so that could be a reason for writing your book.
  4. Your History – you want to record something to record in history by putting it down on pen and paper, your memoir, your story, your experience what has happened to you that could never happen to anyone else and you want to tell the story because believe me, people want to hear that story as well. It could be that you’ve written something or want try something to help somebody else something that you know something about and actually it can do the research for them and to help them get through whatever experience they have. so many self-help book so many books on a particular disease or subject to help other people.
  5. Your Imagination – It could be to release the story from your imagination. You’ve always dreamt or thought or have these characters in your head and happenings that occur and it’s that imagination that needs a release and what better way and share it in a book.
  6. Your Prolific Store of Articles, Training or Videos– this is material you’ve already made and you want to bring them together and produce a book. So again others can benefit from your writing.
  7. Your Need – Now, is it a want, “I want to write a book” or is it a need to write a book? It could be you have an overriding need, compulsion, to write. You might write travel logs when you go somewhere or you observe people. You might write this down in journals and you have a real need to write. So you want to take that writing to the next level to become published. Publishing a book makes it real and you can share your story with others.
  8. Your Catalyst – It could be that you have had something happen to you and by writing it down it provides a catalyst for your recovery. A lot of people I talked to express themselves in poetry and it could be a catalyst from bereavement or trauma. The poetry just flow out of them as way of healing. It heals them but it also heals those that read it too.
  9. Your Family and Friends – constantly telling you – you should write a book.  Why do they think that?  Is it the stories you tell which make them laugh and want to hear again?
  10. Your Faith – God has stirred up an interest in you and want you to communicate this with others through a book.

So, why do you want to write your book?

My call to action to you is tell me in the comments what is it that’s making you think “I really want to write a book”?  It could be the list of onesthat I’ve given you or it could be something else I would really like to know.

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