Unfrozen: How to Melt Your Heart from Life’s Disappointment, Disillusionment and Discouragement by Opening the Door and Stepping into God’s Warming Light (Available as an Audio book)





Interview on World Trans Radio by James Maidment-Fullard


Reading by Ted Banks

This was my first book and written from a place of angst but inspired by Disney’s film Frozen – it weaves case studies and personal memoirs as I look at subjects that affect our attitude to life. Covering Fear of the Past, Hope, Plans, Betrayal, Healing Protection, Fear, Love, Sacrifice, Searching, Creation and Reunion.

There were times that I felt that Holy Spirit was sitting on my shoulder telling me what to write, and waking me up early in the morning so I would do the writing!
The book looks to reverse the effects of being Frozen because of Life’s disappointment, disillusionment or discouragement.

This book in so many ways is autobiographical. It is however full of breathed, learned and revealed wisdom, truth and compassion. It faces ‘the journey’ that moves us to a place called ‘forward’. Not by ignoring, disregarding or by living in denial to the key issues. But by being real, open, vulnerable and intentionally detrained to be transformed by unconditional love. It’s not written out of some form of post-modern optimistic psychology but it’s a bout ‘the truth that sets you free’. Unfrozen indeed.
Rev Canon Chris Bowater, Order of St. Leonard, Pastor, Teacher, Author, Songwriter, Founder of Worship Academy International.