Colours of Unfrozen: Reflecting, Relaxing and Rejoicing: A Believer’s Colouring Book for Adults



Colours of Unfrozen (UK)
Do you like Colouring Books? This is a Christian version with Reflections next to the colouring page. Using the same Chapters as Unfrozen, there are over 140 intricate drawings to caller and 70 devotionals. As a Bonus there is a hidden psalm in each picture to find. Mediate and pray as you colour – and draw nearer to God.

Colours of Unfrozen captures the restorative power of God to heal believers of all ages who have been hurt along life’s journey.
Sue Detweiler. Author, Radio Host and Pastor.

Colors of Unfrozen (USA)

This is the same Coloring book as above except the text is the American spelling – so color instead of colour and just a couple of images changed to reflect America rather than Great Britain. As this book was launched in the USA at the AAE Conference we felt it was important to have two copies to choose from. It was the first collaboration between Ladey and Abbirose.

We enjoyed the experience of working together so much, we went on to write a book about Colouring and then the Little Unicorn Series.
Ladey Adey and Abbirose Adey

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