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Ladey Adey Publications and Cats Meeow Productions present


Celebrating Audiobook Appreciation Month

29 June 2022

4pm – 7 pm (BST)

Free Zoom Webinar for

Authors, Creatives, Voice Over Artists, Content Writers and YOU

Those who want to reach a larger audience via voice – an audiobook.

Why you need an Audiobook?

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Ask yourself: 

  • Do you want to increase your reader’s experience alongside your book suite:paperback, hardback and ebook)?
  • Do you want your book to increase its sales by reaching an auditory audience?
  • Do you want to make sure you do NOT lose out on royalties with a new book format?

What Answers Do You Need?

  • How do I choose between recording my own voice or outsourcing to a Voice Over Artist?
  • How do I stop being confused or overwhelmed about publishing my Audiobook?
  • How do I market my audiobook?

Come to this webinar and discover the answers from wonderful speakers.  Subjects covering:

  • The benefits of an audiobook, 
  • Choosing the right voice to narrate your book, 
  • Should you DIY your audiobook, 
  • Distribution and marketing your audiobook and 
  • Your complimentary INVITE to the Live Audiobook launch of Successful Business Networking Online by Ladey Adey.

The full exciting Schedule to be emailed on registration.

This is a not to be missed Webinar – Why Audiobooks Work and Make Your Audiobook Work.

Claim your Spot and REGISTER with this link

See you there.

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