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1926- 2022

Time for us and our great nation to say Goodbye to a much loved Queen

The news of Queen Elizabeth II passing has brought sadness to our country. She was so revered and her gentle humour shone through in the final years of her life. We will remember her reign and her with such affection – and latterly who can forget the tea with Paddington Bear?

As the tributes from all around the world come in, we are left with our own personal tributes and feelings of how much this one woman has done, with her family, for our country.

We know she is now with Her Saviour and as a Christian will receive our Immortal’s words, “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

Our Queen, We loved you, and where we could served you and we will always remember you.

Now, it is time to say God Save the King, and to change Her Majesty to His Majesty.  The first time in my lifetime (60 plus years) and the first time for many a lifetime.  We know how much Charles loves this country and follows in his mother’s footsteps. We welcome him whilst also being away of his grief of losing a mother.  Our hearts are sore, for ourselves and all the royal family but they will be healed and good again as we welcome the new King.

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