My National Service – the Making of a Man


Brian paints a vivid picture of the arduous voyage on an ageing troopship from Southampton, through the Mediterranean and Suez Canal before reaching his destination of Hong Kong where he would remain for 14 months.  —Major (Retired) Reverend Neil Knox



As I worked with Brian on this book he told me that he could remember his time of National Service like it was yesterday, but ask him to tell what he did earlier in the week and it would be more difficult!

Brian shares his memoirs of being a young man who joined the British Army as an Infantry Soldier and served two years in the conscripted National Service.  It is a personal story, giving detailed descriptions of everyday Army life, including a spell of ‘Jankers’ and journeying over 28,000 miles to far off places including the Far East.  It will likely bring back many fond memories for National Servicemen from the 1950s.

During his time in the second Battalion, Essex Regiment, Brian experienced life on troopships, H.M Diwara and H.M Empire Fowey.

This book contains over 40 original photographs and is a ‘must read’ for those fascinated by recent military and social history.