Miley’s Mind



Miley was a smiley dog, or so everyone thought. But, Miley had a secret – her mind was poorly. She didn’t want anyone to know. Then one day she did the bravest thing! Miley’s Mind introduces the concept of mental health in a child-friendly way. It highlights how abuse, bullying and grief impacts emotional well-being, and encourages children to talk about their feelings.

“… a powerful tool for anyone interested in supporting children’s mental health and well-being. ” – Dr Rachel Wicaksono, Head of the School of Education, Language and Psychology, York St. John University

“Having seen first-hand the effects of a global pandemic, the unease of social isolation and the receding of childhood in these neoteric times, the themes and lessons covered in this book come at a critical time. We need to start talking about mental health and earlier.” – Dr Michael McArdle – Paediatric Accident and Emergency Doctor, Leeds Teaching Hospitals

“A wonderful book that deals with the subject of children’s mental health in a sensitive, but powerful way.” – Tony Staneff, Director of Learning, Trinity Multi Academy Trust

“Katie Goodacre generates high levels of enthusiasm, participation and commitment to child progression and I’ve no doubt that Miley’s Mind will be really helpful to children’s mental health development.” – Richard Holmes, Chief Executive Officer, The Kings Active Foundation

“Miley’s Mind introduces what is often seen as a difficult and uncomfortable topic to young readers, and is carefully explored with calmness and sensitivity.” – Matthew Marshall, Student Teacher, York St John