Change your approach to the one minute pitch

Networking and 1 minute speech/pitch go together though many networkers dread this part of a meeting.

Is this you?

This webinar addresses how to make your 1 minute a delight for you and your audience.

Ladey Adey presents this Webinar to help you, linked to her best selling book -
Successful Business Networking Online


Want to transform Your Networking and Gain More Sales?
It's all in the One-Minute Speech!

Webinar - 21st July
7-8.30 pm (BST)

  • How to be a confident 1 minute speaker
  • Discover the 12 types of 1 minute pitches
  • Overcome the 1 minute Overwhelm
  • Be the speaker everyone wants to hear
  • Never dread the 1 minute speech again

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